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UPVC Double Hipped

In times past many people married and went through a succession of steadily larger or smaller homes until finally finding their perfect home. In this economy, people are not as apt to move from home to home as they are to find ways to convert their current home into their perfect home. The addition of one of our uPVC double…

UPVC Double Hipped

Wooden Double Hipped

Today is the day of redesign rather than the notion of moving from one place to another simply to change the view as people go through their careers and busy lives. Room additions as the family grows, or scaling down as the children leave the nest has become the pattern for home buying, selling, and retirement planning. With many people…

Wooden Double Hipped

A double hipped conservatory, Victorian double hipped and hipped back Victorian are all essentially the same design. They are predictably very similar to the classic Victorian design but there are fundamental differences with regard to the roof. The double hipped roof is pitched in style meaning that it slopes upwards from the sides and meets at a central ridge height. The rear is also pitched giving the design the ‘hipped’ effect. The roof will almost always utilise o box gutter at the back which is designed to drain any water down towards the property. As the roof slopes back towards the main building, the design may adopt a more Edwardian feel.

The ridge is the apex part of the conservatory and is very similar to that of a house giving a very elegant and traditional feel. A double hipped conservatory may be best if you have limited garden space as space may become as issue. A double hipped intern may be a good idea if you are looking to fill a corner position with no sharp corners as it blends very well with the existing property. It can also accommodate greater widths where an Edwardian style is desired.

At we look to provide our customers with a fine range of conservatory products at the lowest price online today. The designs that we offer cater for a range of tastes and as we only work with the best consultants, designers and fitters throughout the United Kingdom we are positive that we can provide a conservatory that is right for your family’s home and compliments your properties surroundings immaculately.

Since our company began one particular design that has remained constantly popular with our clientele is the Double Hipped Conservatory. This classic design sometimes referred to as a Double Hipped or a Hipped Back Conservatory, is structured similarly to the standard Conservatory in its footprint, however the style of roofing is largely different. Whereas other conservatories will slope down parallel in two directions from the apex, the double-hipped slopes in four. This means that the design must make use of a rear gutter to allow rain to collect at the back of the conservatory.

The double hipped conservatory is traditionally seen as one of the more ambitious designs used in modern home improvement. However, it only takes one look at a completed build to see the beauty and practicality that this design offers. They are a fantastic way to keep in with the aesthetic of a traditional Victorian home and thanks to our wide range of colours and materials they also make a great addition to newer homes as well. The other benefits of this style of conservatory include the ability for it to work well in smaller spaces and that they help to blend with properties if the boundary lines are not parallel.

Because of the easily adaptable framework the double hipped conservatory has a very versatile style; this can also help homeowners customise the design for the specific needs of the family. Our fitters also carry a huge range of features that will help the customisation process including French-style doors, secure locking systems, and tilt turn windows. Price ranges for the double hipped are also incredibly varied and thanks to our three quote system you are unlikely to find a cheaper quote for a double hipped conservatory at any other site online.

Double Hipped Conservatory Prices

If you would like to receive a quote for a double hipped conservatory today then simply fill in the form at our homepage. All we require are a few simple details such as your desired home improvements and then your contact details. We will then get in touch with our three most trusted fitters from your local area and make them aware of your interest. They will then contact you later today with details of their product range and their most competitive quote. This also gives you a fantastic opportunity for vetting the fitters yourselves. Rest assured that all of our traders are Fensa and Certass qualified and you can ask them any questions you have regarding the improvements and get a feel for which company you feel most comfortable working with.