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UPVC Edwardian

Generally speaking the use of wood has been replaced by many materials in order to help the environment by reducing the demand for wood. The use of uPVC (unplasticized PolyVinyl Chloride) in construction projects has increased durability, reduced maintenance, and ensured an environmental boost to save trees. The diversity of colors and finishes including photo effect wood finishes has given…

UPVC Edwardian

Wooden Edwardian

Many different building materials exist to compete with wood, and are environmentally sound. However, the choice to build one of the stylish Edwardian wooden conservatories of real hardwoods will increase the value and the warmth of the home or office. There are many reasons to add a conservatory to a home or office. Some just seem to be simply window…

Wooden Edwardian

The Edwardian conservatory is a modern interpretation of a classic design that found great popularity during a prestigious age in British architectural history. One of four main types of conservatory built in the traditional style – this approach represents a huge change in terms of design from its Victorian predecessors.

Simple and elegant, the Edwardian provides an abundance of floor space due its widespread dimensions. It aims to highlight the exteriors of the house by implementing the glass panels and walls almost seamlessly. The flat front and vaulted roof also separate it from other designs and can also create the illusion of extra space to create more relaxing and airy environment.

The main benefit of erecting an Edwardian conservatory is that you will be purchasing an extremely efficient living space in which you can fit as much furniture or accessories as you deem necessary. This approach is also multi-purpose. Whether your conservatory is intended for the kids, dinner or garden parties or simply for extra living space – this intern could well be the answer. There is no wasted space with an Edwardian; it is an undoubtedly the efficient choice.

Edwardian Conservatories are truly versatile as they suit a wide range of properties – this is due to the regal but sleek aesthetics and the ability to implement either a square or rectangular design. The lack of detail on any of the glasswork results in more of the original property being visible from outside and creates a more genuine feeling of being outdoors.

If you feel that this style of conservatory is right for your home then you have come to the right place. We will compare the best local tradesmen in your area to find you the best product at the best price – our meticulous system ensures you get the very best deal possible from trusted suppliers. Just use the quote form below and we will provide you with estimates from three local suppliers.

One design that has remained popular with customers since our company began is the timeless Edwardian Conservatory. This elegant design offers homeowners a chance to add living space and bring extra light into their home. The subtle yet distinctive features of the Edwardian Conservatories aim to compliment the exteriors of your property by flowing from glass panels to walls almost seamlessly. The design also offers a huge amount of versatility and using the knowledge and expertise of our qualified designer’s homeowners can tweak the build to accompany their own individual desires.

Traditionally Edwardian Conservatories lay on a square footing and are peaked by a crest at the apex, the flat front and vaulted roof give it a distinctive feel from many other designs and also helps to maximise space to create a more relaxing and open environment. It must be said however that Edwardian designs are incredibly flexible and a variation in floor plans can lead to a whole host of different aesthetics. This is also helped by our diverse range of products, we can offer a number of materials from timber and oak to UPVC. These materials also come in a number of stylish finishes from the traditional white to grainy oak, or rosewood, which means that whatever the aesthetics of your home we can cater the look of the conservatory to compliment its surroundings perfectly.

An Edwardian conservatory is a wonderful addition to any home and suits a range of uses from a children’s play area that gives ready access to the garden, to an ambient dining space that is perfect for entertaining guests. If you would like to know more about our designs then feel free to contact us using the details on our homepage.

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Throughout our range of designs you will find a number of different styles each with their own unique benefits and choosing a style that’s right for your home is an important part of the home improvement process, but if you browse conservatories.net today you will find guidance information on many of the fits that we offer making the process a lot easier.

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