Gable End Conservatories

UPVC Gable End

The majestic, flat, single-plane, ground-to-roof point front of a uPVC gable end conservatory is what grabs the eye, pulling it upward, giving your conservatory a sense of size and proportion that no other style can match. The fact that the front wall goes all the way to the apex of the roof allows for some of the best sunlight options…

UPVC Gable End

Wooden Gable End

While the blazing white of a uPVC version is stunning in its own right and perfect for the sleekest modern buildings, consider the warm homey feeling that using timbers and other woods to create wooden gable end conservatories adds. There are any number of types of hardwood or timber available to create a more country or more welcoming look. If…

Wooden Gable End

A gable ended conservatory is also known as a pavilion conservatory due to its regal design and is a variant of the Edwardian. This intern uses the same basic square or rectangular footprint as the Edwardian conservatory but the roof remains upright all the way back instead of sloping, hence the term ‘gable end’.

Other similarities to the Edwardian conservatory include clean and bold lines, full square corners and a feeling of a high roof. A flat fronted and understated variant of its Edwardian counterpart, the gable ended conservatory should be considered if you are looking to accommodate a family whilst maintaining a traditional feel. The dimensions of this conservatory design helps to maximise the amount of natural light coming into the structure and can be applied to a variety of different styles such as horizontal mullions or sunburst.

A gable ended conservatory can be attached to any sort of British home but may be more suitable to a modern house. The rectangular or square shape means that the design is particularly useful for maximising space and can look particularly effective when built with uPVC. This said, it is seen as a versatile living space so any materials can be used when constructing this sort of conservatory, such as a wide range of timbers. Lack of condensation is also recognised as a great advantage of the gable ended design.

Here at we aim to offer our customers a great range of quality build conservatories at the most competitive prices on the market today. We have a number of different affordable designs available to our customers including commercial conservatories, P-shaped conservatories, and a selection of orangeries. One of our most popular design choices in recent months has been Gable End conservatories which offer families the chance to revel in a modern adaptation of a classic Edwardian design and experience all of the benefits that a conservatory can bring including extra space, atmosphere, and light throughout the year.

Gable End conservatories are built on a square or rectangular foundation and rather than rounding the roof they create a triangle at the apex of the structure. The result is a design that offers very clean and distinctive lines and corners and the perception of a higher roof. This lends the space an incredible atmosphere, making it perfect for dining or entertaining guests and makes it a great addition for any home.
As well as a bold shape gable end conservatories are renowned for the sheer amount of light that they allow in to the home. This is a wonderful feature and makes the conservatory a fantastic link to the garden throughout the summer and it is also a fantastic way to bring light in to the home during the darker winter months.

The designs provided by are suitable for a varied style of homes but the best results noted for the Gable end conservatory are said to be with a newer home with a large garden. This is because the style looks fantastic in white UPVC which lends itself perfectly to the aesthetic of new build homes. However, thanks to the large product range on offer at we are sure that our highly esteemed designers can adapt this style of conservatories to any home, new or old. There are a number of frame finishes that the build is available in including white, light oak, grainy oak, rosewood, and many more. We can also adapt the size of the build and thanks to the modern design features we can add or takeaway features that will make the space work best for you and your family. This includes sliding doors, multi lock systems, tilt turn windows and many more features.

Gable end conservatory prices

If you would like to find out more then fill in our quote form and we can contact you with three competitive quotes from the best fitters in your area later today. This will give you the opportunity to chat with the suppliers and receive their advice regarding your potential conservatory. It will also give you a great chance to get a feel for the suppliers and decide which one you would like to work with on your project. Remember that our quotes are completely free and there is no obligation at all to use them once you have received them. For more information you can find our contact details at our homepage…