UPVC Orangeries

You’ve just realized that you need more space. Maybe bringing in the warm climate plants from the outside, or putting up the Christmas tree made you look around and wish for just a little more room. You’ve seen conservatories, but you want something just a little more enclosed and private than a conservatory. Conversely you do not want to go…

UPVC Orangeries

Wooden Orangeries

Once you’ve decided that an orangery is the way to go instead of just a conservatory or the expensive, intensive building process of a full addition, your next choice is between uPVC orangeries, or wooden orangeries. Both have the perfect combination of shelter and privacy and brightly lit, airy openness. Both are quick and easy to have built. Both can…

Wooden Orangeries

Orangeries first became popular in the early 17th century for growing exotic plants and fruits that where know to be native to warmer countries. In the UK originally Orangeries were stone built with large sash windows and lantern roofs, and these were the forerunners to conservatories back in the day. Today’s Orangeries are built as beautiful extensions to your home that allow light to flood down into your home from the lantern roof and the tall windows. The difference between a Orangery and conservatories is that Orangeries have side elevations partly constructed from hardwood or stone, whereas conservatory walls are entirely glass. No matter what style or choice of materials you decide to choose for your orangery, it will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Adding an orangery to your home will immediately offer that extra room, light and space you can imagine. Orangeries offer the perfect combination of benefits and looks or a normal conventional extension and even more. Orangeries are defiantly a more substantial extensions that a conservatory, they are suitable for listed buildings and if they are sympathetically designed you can even be granted planning permission in a conservation area. Over the last few years the orangery is very fast becoming the preferred option for a modern glazed extension for your home. A recent trend that has been introduced to Orangeries is sliding folding doors so that the whole of one side of your orangery can be opened up to the garden. These contemporary Orangeries can really make the whole world of difference to your property.

When considering improvements to your property it is important to consider all possibilities in order to find the build that’s right for you and your family. Here at we provide a wide range of styled conservatories including wooden frames and UPVC, however one of our most popular alternatives is our range of orangeries that also come in a range of budgets and designs to meet your families’ particular needs.

Often considered a halfway point between a conservatory and a full extension, orangeries are a home improvement that were first made popular during the Edwardian period (17th Century) by families who wished to grow the exotic fruits such as oranges and bananas (usually the luxury of much warmer nations) throughout the British summer. In the modern era these spaces now make for wonderful extensions to the modern home and are great for several purposes including dining, lounging, or entertaining.

Their designs include large panes of glass similar to that of a conservatory, however rather than being walled by glass they are framed by side elevations of stone or hardwood timber. The design also includes a lantern-style roof which as you can imagine allows for a lot of light and a lot of warmth. Their general design also allows for many unique and useful features to be added throughout the build such as sliding doors and tilt turn windows. You can even have one side of the orangery open up completely. This is a great way to have more contact with your garden space and to bring the outside air in to your home.

You can also have fun choosing the style of lighting you would like for your orangeries as their unusual build style makes them very versatile in this department. You can choose from roof lighting which beams down or wall lighting, this is a great way to make your surroundings unique using both the natural and synthetic light on offer.

Here at we now boast a wealth of great designers, consultants and tradesmen who are qualified (CERTASS and FENSA) and experienced in delivering orangeries on a regular basis. This gives us a great advantage in providing our home improvements on time and on budget. It also means that we can take into account your natural surroundings to create a space that compliments your home environment externally as well as internally.

Orangeries Prices
At we thrive upon finding the cheapest deal for our customers whilst maintaining quality in every element of our business, this includes everything from the designers we work with to the materials used to build. Thanks to our three quote system we can allow our customers the opportunity to pick from the best suppliers in their area at the most competitive prices possible. All you have to do to receive your three quotes is fill in the form at our homepage with a few key details regarding your build such as your postcode and a few specifications. For more information on the products we supply then please browse our website..