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UPVC P Shaped

P Shaped UPVC Conservatories are an amazing way to add and extra space to your home, as well as adding an extra room they let light flood into your home bringing the outdoors inside. We can find you the cheapest UPVC P Shaped Conservatory quotes on the market from local trusted companies.

UPVC P Shaped

Wood P Shaped

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, wooden P-shaped conservatories are the ultimate in home or business additions. They have everything. Wood builds are more upmarket and add a touch of elegance that uPVC just can’t quite match. They are the most adaptable type of conservatory. They come predesigned in several different architectural styles and can be modified to make the…

Wood P Shaped

P-Shape, link and combination are all common names for this type of conservatory style. Sometimes referred to as L-Shape when using a square front, the conservatory is the same basic design across the board. Most commonly it has a Victorian style combined with a traditional lean to which gives it a distinctive shape.

As with most common conservatory designs the P-Shape projects at right angles away from the property giving two straight sides which meet at their respective corner point on each side, this is where the remaining sides will carry on in each of its respective directions to then begin to take their shape. The roof is normally a pitch style on the Victorian side. This means that it slopes upwards from its sides meeting at a central ridge height. The roof around the front is also pitched, which is commonly known as a ‘Hipped front’.

To the traditional lean to part of the layout, the roof is normally a forward sloping roof. This means that the intern slopes upwards from the front of the conservatory meeting at the building wall. As the roof on the traditional lean to side meets at its apex against the property wall the ridge is more often referred to as the wall-plate.

Discovering a particular style of conservatory that is perfect for you and your family’s home is a huge part of the home improvement process and it is essential that this part of the procedure is done correctly in order to inject an enthusiasm in to the project. This is why at conservatories.net we offer a massive range of products in a number of different styles, colours and sizes.

A design that has proved popular time and time again with our customers is the P shaped conservatory which offers a fantastic blend of a sun lounge style, lean-to build with Victorian, Edwardian and Gable styles. This makes the style very adaptable and allows for customers to customise the construct in order to form real cohesion within their own individual property. The P- Shaped design has found popularity for a number of reasons, one of which is the ability two have almost two unique spaces within it. This gives the option of a multipurpose room that can host both a space for dining and also a study or lounging area.

According to our trusted professionals because of its a-symmetrical structure the key to a fantastic P shaped conservatory is all in the design process and it is key that consultants work closely with homeowners to determine factors such as which side the sun lounge will go on as well as how features such as sliding doors and windows will compliment the spec. Fortunately Conservatories.net work with an incredible network of fitters and suppliers, each one of which carries both Fensa and Certass qualifications which guarantees the highest standard in their work.

Because of its floor plan which see its extend down one side of the conservatory, the P-shaped design has been said to better suit homes with slightly larger gardens as it requires the space to extend without becoming shaded by the fence or hedges of the property. However, if you have your heart set on this particular design then our consultants will be happy to adapt their designs to meet your desires and requirements. We can also offer you a range of colours (mahogany, oak, white etc) and materials for your build (UPVC, Timber, Rosewood etc ) which means that we can give your P-shaped conservatory a unique and distinctive aesthetic that perfectly complements your surroundings.

P Shaped Conservatories Prices

At conservatories.net we employ an effective pricing system that guarantees our customers a great quote on their conservatories whilst maintaining a high standard of workmanship. How we achieve this is by first of all carefully selecting fitters from your local area through a detailed vetting procedure. Once we have a selection of fitters we then notify them of your interest in of the home improvements you would like. They will then approach you, fully aware that you will be courted by their rival fitters, with their fantastic range of products and their most competitive prices. This is also a great opportunity for you to decide which company you feel most comfortable with.