Victorian Conservatories

UPVC Victorian

Let me tell you why uPVC Victorian Conservatories are the best choice. Two very important things happened to architecture in the Victorian Era. The first was a negative style reaction to the straight, boring lines and heavy stone of classical architecture and its kin. People wanted architecture with more color, more surfaces and more ornamentation. Second, the Industrial Revolution lowered…

UPVC Victorian

Wooden Victorian

Wooden Victorian conservatories are the most fun kind of conservatries because Victorian architecture is really the most fun kind of architecture. It was as if a generation of people looked at the history of architecture and the current trend toward yet another classic revival and just said no. Although coined by the post modernists, I can just imagine the Victorians…

Wooden Victorian

The Victorian conservatory is a design with heavy links to heritage, having been designed during a hugely prestigious age in British history. As aesthetically pleasing as it is versatile and efficient – this style can be fitted to any building design. The main characteristics of this particular intern are sharp angles usually softened by several facets. The Victorian can be custom made to meet your specific needs as the door and window frames can be positioned anywhere you please and implemented in any colour.

A superb choice for a modern home, this design enhances your building due its regal look and versatility. Whether you decide upon a three facet or five facet approach, we are confident that the Victorian conservatory will sit beautifully in your garden and give you a truly relaxing living space. Due to the aforementioned flexibility of this type of conservatory the Victorian also allows you to choose from a great number of roofs and window designs. It is no wonder that this design has survived over a hundred years and is still going strong as one of the nation’s most popular choices.

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Throughout the United Kingdom Victorian style conservatories are some of the most popular conservatories used by homeowners today. Originally popularised in the 1840’s when a tax on glass was lifted and the world famous Great Conservatory was built in London, the Victorian conservatory is now part of an age old tradition of home improvement and continues to this day to enrich the lives of families with their classic design which adds space, utility, atmosphere, and value to a property.

Building a conservatory obviously gives extra space to a house, this is a wonderful luxury for any family home and the options of dining, lounging or studying in a conservatory are an attractive prospect for most. The glass structure which allows light and warmth to pour into the rooms creates an ambience like no other and thanks to the huge range of products that our fitters offer there is a great opportunity to bring the outside in from your garden using sliding doors or French windows.

The Victorian style conservatory is known for its versatility and offers homeowners a wealth of options when it comes to roofing, and fleur de-lys cresting and an asymmetrical apex are just some of the luxuries afforded to Victorian design. The build can also be footed on a great number of shapes and sizes. This helps our designers to blend the conservatory well with your home and ensure it compliments your properties surroundings appropriately. Again, our large range becomes an excellent asset at this point as we can use a number of materials including oak, timer or UPVC and a number of finishes to ensure that the colour of the conservatory is as unobtrusive to the area as possible.

Another key reason for the massive popularity of this design is the way that homeowners can choose the amount of facets that they would like. This is a great set of options to have when ensuring that your space compliments your garden and the exterior lines and corners of your house.

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